Kids, tell Josh Donaldson “no” (not your coach)  August 20, 2016

It was Tuesday, August 16 and a friend sends me a clip of Josh Donaldson on hitting.  Full confession – I’m a diehard Blue Jays fan, and a huge admirer of Josh Donaldson as a defender, a competitor and a power hitter.  I was very interested while watching this video and what it’s lessons are to an already highly competent hitter – a hitter that is already at least at the college, minor league or MLB level; about how to go from already good or even very good to great – as a slugger or a power hitter.

But then he says to all the 10 year-old kids out there, “if your coach tells you... (read more)

Me ‘n’ Ronnie McCracken    July 26, 2018

There was a time in my childhood when Ron McCracken was one of my best friends.  From adolescence on through adulthood, we had not a single thing in common, but for a few summers in the early 1980s, Ronnie and I were as thick as thieves as they say.We became friends through hockey. Ronnie was a year and a grade older, and he was kinda aloof and cool. A little bit badass and a lot a bit cocky.  He wasn’t very big, and he was just a moderately skilled athlete, but you’d never know it by the way Ronnie carried himself.  He was a winger and I was a centre and I don’t ever remember playing on the same line as him. But he lived just three blocks away from me, and we spent lots of time and his half duplex instead of at my half duplex, for reasons I only comprehended later in life.(read more)

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The Beautiful Struggle  September 23, 2019

I’m forty nine years old today. And if I may be so audacious, I think I’ve figured out the meaning of life. Not coincidentally and in some epiphanous manner on this exact day. Maybe it’s been over the past few months or past few years even. I’m just writing about it today...(read more)

Reflecting on 3 years Helping “Real People with Real Challenges”  March 5, 2019

One of the many perks of my not so new anymore life as a fund development, communications and leadership c​oaching consultant is having more time to read. This includes many non-fiction books on leadership, innovation and talent development, but also many novels of both the literary variety and good ol’ pot boiler pulp fiction. It was in the latter category that I read “The Litigators” by indefatigable John Grisham..(read more)

6 Leadership Lessons from the Tragically Hip   April 3, 2020

I’m writing this as I wind down a communications, fund development and leadership coaching consulting practice; and in the midst of a lot of pandemic induced spare time in my evenings and weekends that are normally full of sports coaching. I have been, in this very unusual time, drawn to all things Tragically Hip – reading the exceptional book “The Never Ending Present” by Michael Barclay, ...(read more)

The Vanity and Insanity of Busy   July 19, 2017

A conversation I guarantee you’ve either heard or been a part of in the last week or two:
“How are you?”
“Oh, I’m busy. You?”
“I’m slammed.”
Or another conversation that occurs far too often:
“So ya keepin’ busy?”
If you want to blow the questioner’s mind, try answering with ... (read more)

Matchbox Twenty and Lessons on Leadership   May 8, 2018

I like the band Matchbox Twenty. Not so much so that they have high frequency in my iTunes roster, but I sure hum along and tap the steering wheel whenever they come on satellite radio’s 90s on 9. I did recently download Unwell because it’s a tune my 11 year old daughter and I sing together. This band came on the scene in the mid 90s when I was a young 20 something, so they fit my Gen X Zeitgeist.

As a band that I like but don’t love, it fascinates me how often I think of them when reflecting on leadership... (read more)

Sports, Choice and the Modern Parent   Sept 13, 2017

My son was six years old when I was approached by a scout from the AAA elite spring hockey from the community 40 miles down the road.  For 3 times the money we had just paid for the traditional 6 month minor hockey season, they could extend the season by 2 months and make by boy a star.  And there would be a track suit.

We passed on this immediately.  However, there was another six year old boy approached that day... (read more)