Fundraising Coaching and Framework Planning

Two Types of Solution through JCI

1. Some clients hire me on monthly retainer .  The expected return on investment is that I at least quadruple a client’s investment in me at the end of a 6 month (minimum) engagement. The 6 month cycle is important because fundraising is a very deliberate process where inputs have to be zealously minded and tended to, before the outputs of financial win can be harvested.

2. “Teach a man to fish…” some communities, non-profit associations, sport and recreation associations engage Jordan Cleland to operate a half day fundraising workshop with their team, volunteers. JCI reviews plans, blueprints, fundraising “case for support” persuasion documents in advance, then structures a half day teaching and coaching seminar to give a comprehensive overview on how-to, pitfalls to avoid, donor receipting, recognition and stewardship, the important differences between sponsorships and donations, and a plan of donor prospecting, solicitation and follow up. In addition, the package includes four (4) follow up telephone calls for further professional and technical advice during the duration of your fundraising execution cycle. One-time cost for the advisory seminar and follow up is $2800, exclusive of mileage at the GOA rate.

Fundraising is difficult. Fundraising is actually a profession to itself, like lawyer, accountant, broker; and fundraisers are in high demand and they tend to be clustered in major cities, not in small cities, towns, villages and rural areas where the need is often much more acute. Add to that, everyone (and their dog) is doing it or trying to do it. As such, the competition for “other people’s money”- businesses, individual donors, families and charitable foundations - is beyond intense.

A Fundraising Consultant

Jordan Cleland was the Vice President of Advancement at Olds College for over 8 years. During that time, Cleland and, as importantly, the teams he led, raised over $40,000,000 in capital funds for teaching and learning facilities, sports and recreation facilities.

He was recognized by the nation-wide association of Canadian Colleges (CICan) as a gold medalist in leadership excellence in fundraising in 2013; and attained a Master’s degree in Leadership in 2014.​​ ACCC produced a video summary for use at it's Annual Conference in British Columbia that can be viewed below.

Jordan Cleland Consulting Inc (JCI) was incorporated in January 2016. Cleland has been advising as well as executing on behalf of a variety of clients – often in the realm of fundraising and often in rural communities.