What would you do in your life if you weren't afraid?

When do you know if you should leave a job that is steady, safe and actually really "good"?  

What might you do while staying at your existing job that would take outstanding courage, and make your success and your team's results substantially better?

What if you could get more comfortable with rejection if you could realize that with increased rejection comes increased reward and increased validation?

A Second Mid Life Crisis...

​Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch.  

In a mostly-auto-biographical story of his second mid-life crisis at the age of 45, Jordan Cleland talks about his decision to leave an Executive role in public higher education in the midst of a protracted down economy to start his own consulting business, and the journey in the several months since. Cleland was cited by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education as a "Stellar Speaker" in 2016. 

Meant to be inspirational, funny, self-deprecating and the cause of reflection and self-assessment ... not a how to manual.