Jordan Cleland has a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Business; as well as 24 years of experience in public and private sector leadership.  His consulting practice focuses on helping organizations set, meet and substantially surpass their goals.

The Brick Wall Culture and Climate Package:

  • JCI meets with the team leader (CEO, Vice President, Manager, etc) to get the assessment of climate, culture and performance from the person charged with leading the team.
  • Work with the leader to create a mutually validated culture and climate survey to be implemented anonymously with the team to dig in and find team members’ views on various aspects that make a winning culture.
  • With client, examine the survey results data in aggregate to ascertain areas of strength and weakness.
  • JCI conducts a retreat-like workshop with the team.
  • Post workshop, continue to work with and “coach” the leader on the improvements and augmentations of strength identified through the process.


The engagement duration: Approximately 9 weeks

Taking Your Team's Performance from Good to Great with Brick Wall Leadership!

Deliberately focusing on and cultivating your culture as a leader, to hyper-engage staff with buy-in and ownership so that they can help you “win”.

Jordan Cleland Consulting Inc (JCI), has honed a philosophy on leadership coined “Brick Wall Leadership” – creating an environment where emotionally committed staff will want to go through a brick wall for their organization, for their mission, for their leader.